Time Quest Escape Room  


Themes and Rates


$25 per person (reg price $32)

*Sale $99 for six people*

The Puzzler strikes again! You will have a hour to stop the bomb that the Puzzler (bad guy) placed in the police commissioner den.

Can you save the town!!??!

*This room is for six. 8 people for a private group 


 $25 per person 

This room makes you think a little harder. You will be trapped in a bank vault with a hour to test your skills and wits before the room runs out of air. You should not have been so nosey!!

 *This room is designed for more people ( 8).  

  *check the box: book entire experience for parties of 10

The Jungle


Designed to be easy enough for preteens but difficult enough for adults. Great for groups with a variety of ages. 

Lost in the jungle..... Let's play the game...they say! It'll be fun....they say! But once you start, strange things happen and you must finish playing to escape the game.

6 participants - 8 for private